Goodbye Today

And, another day is slipping away as if blown by gale winds. It may be nothing more than elderly physical slowness; but, it is extremely annoying to see sunset coming with little to show for the day.  That it will come any day is sure.  However, pointing to this or that, then saying, “That got done today” is quite rare, it seems, unless there’s a notice of something like re-charging the battery of the scooter or telephone.  While all such things are essential, they aren’t much but managing to stay alive. 

Admittedly staying alive is essential to doing anything else.  But, in the world of yours truly, life is not a matter of “helping the kids with something” (there are none) or even just puttering around enjoying a “retirement” (the bed bugs alone demolished any possibility of it; even though there are none present at the moment, they can arrive at any time).  As the sun sets each day and nothing is done on The Project or any interests, there’s a sinking feeling that nothing more will ever be done. 

There will be sunrise/sunset as long as the earth exists in its orbit and all that; but, one must be realistic – at age seventy-five there aren’t too many personal ones left.  As each day fades away, that’s one less chance at something besides mere existence.  It might not be so bad if unexpected things didn’t come along, such as the end of the public access to the message board where the local notes on the bugs were stashed.  It’s taken a month just to find a possible new place for it. 

Supposedly, while there’s life there’s hope…. 


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