Online Woes

Every address left in the address bar of the computer is important in some way.  There are twenty-five of them.  Some are more used than others.  Thirteen are checked every day, ideally at least twice, but three times is better. To click through that whole list (that’s all) and take a glance at what’s there takes about twenty minutes. That is, it takes twenty minutes if a) the computer is working, b) there’s no interruption and c) there’s no reason to stop to do anything. It’s not bad, and it seldom works that way. 

The list is minimal.  It includes both weblogs, the most used email account, one each local, national and international news source, a search engine, a local history connection, bed bug information and other things held handy for one reason or another not one of which could really be considered junk.  At the most about three could be eliminated from the list of twenty-five if they could get to the point of being resolved. A number of important things aren’t even in the collection, like social security. 

Well, as stated, it seldom works that way. It isn’t due to the likes of junk mail, as there isn’t much done on that.  It’s left.  It isn’t always the computer, either.  A need for a trip down the hall is reason for quicker, not slower, action. Almost invariably there’s some jerk on some message board who has raveled up something said which is in need of a study to unravel it.  Even some of that can be left, but not in any of the bed bug information.  This afternoon hours were spent in a try to post one message. 

A way out of things is good. 


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