Things Break

And, it’s time again for things to start falling apart.  It’s when there is special reason for things to be working well that they start falling apart. At the monumental time when human beings stepped out on the moon, the television set died.  As recalled, it went dead about two days before that extra-ordinary time, and no television repair service was able (they said) to come out and fix it the next day. So, the event was watched not on the console color television set in the living room, but on one borrowed from a neighbor. 

People can get into unusual situations when things start failing like that.  In that particular case, the borrowed television set came from a neighbor with whom there were strained relations.  When the set died that time (tube burned out), everyone in the house just stared at it briefly because it was generally inconvenient.  Everyone would just have to do without television until it could be fixed.  Absolutely determined, yours truly ran next door and bummed one, a spare they happened to have. 

The first falling apart thing came Christmas Day when the kitchen light blub burned out, which, of course, took maintenance staff for replacement.  It can’t be reached from the floor.  There’s nothing to stand on in the apartment.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it did not go out every couple of months. Today the table lamp in the living area also finally burned out.  That’s a three-way lamp; the blub at hand is not 50-100-150.  It’s some odd sequence starting with 30, but at least it’s usable. 

It’s good to have emergency stuff. 


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