Rather Unbelievable

The third day of Christmas seems to have fallen into a “surprising” category to say the least, and in several respects.  Most astonishing was the discovery that yours truly got eight hours sleep. It just does not happen. Frequently it’s six hours at one time, but often it’s less followed by naps later due to a somewhat exhaustive state. Eight it was, plus about fifteen minutes.  There was some turning over with an awareness of doing so; but, there was no getting up (etc.).  The night straight through was as it should be. 

There were other unexpected things, too.  The noontime “scoot” to go to the lobby and outside for a minute or two immediately found the hallway starkly bare, stripped of the Christmas decorations.  A couple were by the decorating lady’s door late yesterday; but, she must have scurried around and gathered up everything before this morning.  A couple of things belonging to others (including the red bow on the apartment door) were still up, but the hallway itself was back to “institutional” well before New Year’s Day. 

Some other minor unusual things were seen, too.  All the Christmas cards were taken off the bulletin board.  The office was decorated. The lobby may have been undisturbed.  Just the cards were gone.  The other real difference in the day was that it seemed reasonable to go pay the rent, as the bank had made a mistake in the spelling of the name of the place on the money order.  Pointing it out to the office made sense. The rent should have been turned in December 30 at the earliest. 

Some changes are welcome. 



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2 responses to “Rather Unbelievable

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Hi..here in England we have a tendancy to keep our Christmas Decorations up for the 12 days of Christmas..which takes us to the 6 th Jan…however in my case I take them down straight after New Year.

    • Hi, Ann!

      I think the lady mentioned yanked down the decorations because last year the management got upset about too many personal decorations in the building. If there hadn’t been a stew, I suspect she would have left them up longer. People take them down at different times. I went into the traditions a lot more on The Diary’s Blog.

      As usual, thanks for commenting!


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