Things Can Be Late

The morning started with a shortage of toilet paper realized after a dash to the bathroom. It isn’t that there was none at all in the place as two four-roll packages sat by the door.  Two four-roll packages also sat in the bedroom area.  In addition, facial tissues (which are sometimes used in an emergency) sat in the living room (two boxes of those). It’s just that, while all had been obtained days ago, none had been carried all the way to the bathroom, and the scooter was parked in the doorway facing inward. 

Now, when something as fundamental as toilet paper is not in right order, something has to be changed.  The ashtray was moved. The idea was to move coffee and cigarette away from the computer.  In the old apartment, they were separate.  The new place isn’t great; but, it does give more attentiveness to the computer, as a need to be aware of the cigarette (at least) is gone. Adjusting takes a while; it may help things.  For the moment, it (as well as more important stuff) helped to throw the weblog entries behind. 

A discussion of deadlines and being late with stuff is in The Diary’s Blog.  And, as stated, after consideration, it seemed reasonable to be late rather than skip the day, even if it is more than two and a half hours after midnight.  This was started near 9:00 p.m.; after the interruption, it was thought all would be done by a little after 1:00 a.m. rather than 2:37 a.m. Publishing later than that isn’t out of the question, although it is pushing things a lot. Even computer connectivity had to get into the picture. 

Late isn’t always bad.   


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