Another Lament

Where did the day go is always a question.  It doesn’t matter if the morning awakening is at 6:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., the hours before 12:00 p.m. (noon) somehow dwindle to nothingness.  Some of it is because the computer reacts slowly, especially with something like taking a look at the email, which has a lot of advertising that is not allowed through.  Some of it happens because there’s reason for a long and involved message on some message board, but currently there’s only one of those. 

Regardless, come noontime yours truly looks around and with a lot of determination makes it a point to “scoot” down to the lobby and even outside on days like today when it’s right cold out.  There’s a something important about being at least that much in contact with the “real” world.  It was a nice frosty day out there at noontime.  A second trip was made, because it seemed something was lost (and not found), and then it was slushy already due to the salt being on the walks. 

The drug store sent a nice box of Christmas cards the last time an order was called in, and those were sorted out. There were several that couldn’t be used for some reason.  As they weren’t expensive (they’re pretty, nice cards, just not expensive) they were left on the counter-like place for someone to take if they can be used. It’s not so much generosity as there’s no point of having them around.  At least that much a little out of the ordinary did get done. Sometimes it’s also hard to think.  :-) 

The world does go somewhere. 


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