How To Kill A Livelong Day

It’s past sunset – the houses on top of the hill have had their lights on for a time and the tree or whatever it is up there is glowing in a Christmas-y shape – and the only useful thing done the entire day was to re-charge the scooter battery.  That is a bit tricky as to plug in the re-charger it’s necessary to straddle a big bag and there is nothing to lean on to straighten up.  It’s a sixty second difficulty.  It is also necessary to get around the place without falling over while the thing is connected and to disconnect it. 

Three practical things were done, too, none of which were essential at the moment (the scooter re-charging was).  The mail box in the apartment building was cleaned out for the week (one envelope full of advertising), the usual grocery advertising packet for the coming week was picked up from the box by the front door of the building (not looked at, just picked up) and the bulletin boards were looked over for anything important.  That accounted for three more sixty second activities. 

The first step needed toward killing a day is to mess around with something until a couple of hours after midnight. Then if one tosses and turns in bed for a few hours, one might manage to not get to sleep until near 5:00 a.m., which leads to not getting up again for four or so hours minimum.  By that time there’s a yen for food and other absolute essentials, like turning off the alarm clock.  Soon it’s not possible to stay awake longer, so a long nap will carry one to sunset.  Aches, pains and nightmares add interest. 

Sometimes life is mere existence. 


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