After Holiday Time

The day was a wreck.  At present there is even less chance than is usual for yours truly to be using anything but alcohol to get cleaned up a little bit, and there was only about half of a pint of alcohol left yesterday afternoon. With no homemaker aide to go anywhere and that little alcohol left, it was necessary to call the drug store for an order.  Other stuff wasn’t running so short.  And, the food truck is supposed to come tomorrow, so even Monday would have been an okay time for paper products. 

Well, they were busy.  Apparently they had just gotten in an order of their own and couldn’t gather up the order and give a total cost for an hour.  The two minute trip to see how things really were in the outside world was at a bad time and wasn’t peaceful at all. A nap was out of the question, as the stuff didn’t get delivered until about 4:00 p.m.; and, the lunch in the order was finally consumed around 6:00 p.m.  It was all okay, just inconvenient.  Things other than that alcohol will be eventually used. 

To make matters just a little worse, in between things good sense said to run an anti-virus and a malware computer check; it had to somehow be set in the day’s works.  A strange thing had come in the email. When it seemed like all the above had been put in order properly, the drippy nose let loose for hours.  A huge pile of used tissues hit the trash bag. The goings on are the back up from the Thanksgiving holiday and shifting to Christmas. Four Christmas cards were under the door.   

One should always hope for tomorrow.  


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