High And Dry

Somehow, in an exhaustive rush, things were ready enough for the expected homemaker aide (today being Wednesday) at about five minutes before she was due.  Everything was not all ready as trash was not ready.  It was simply “ready enough.” After about forty-five of waiting and wanting dearly to lay down, a telephone call to the agency came up with the fact that the lady had a car problem and she would not be arriving at all; and, as for a replacement the talk said nothing understood. 

Well, it’s not too difficult to skip a week.  Such action does use up emergency supplies; but, it’s not an impossible situation.  A habit of the agencies is to “reschedule.”  Well, rescheduling hair care or respite care is one thing; rescheduling supplies is another.  In the first call the agency was asked to try to find a replacement and all that, which they may not have intended to do since the discussion drifted off into someone coming on Friday.  Well, Friday is not good if the expected day is Wednesday. 

There is now something to do tomorrow namely, unravel what was sorted out.  Eighty dollars sits in the envelope for the day’s efforts, and yours truly does not feel up up putting away eighty dollars.  It is that much of disrupted day.  And, besides that, the floor needs sweeping badly.To give credit where credit is due, the regular lady did make sure there was a new air bed in the place. And, the good side of the deal is that there will be no need to make sure the list is comprehensible. 

There’s always a good side.  


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