Real Light On The Matter

At approximately 4:00 p.m., the temperature outside was said to be thirty degrees (Fahrenheit) which felt like nineteen degrees (also Fahrenheit).  The heating system had been shut off most of the day from morning onward. Rather stupidly no precise record was kept, but it seems it was on for a while during the excursion to the lobby area.  However, it was off most of the day.  The place was allowed to cool down until it was actually feeling chilly continuously.  A lot of vim and vigor materialized. 

There’s no reason to doubt the temperature given on the computer at 4:00 p.m.  But, in the brief scoot outside near noon (there was a quick experiencing of the outside for about sixty seconds), it didn’t seem that cold.  Regardless, the reported temperature suggested heating the place, but the heat was shut off to see if that might do some good when it came the physical concerns of the last couple of days.  And, apparently it did do some good.  Possibly part of the problem is being overheated. 

More investigation is at least sensible if not in order.  It might be a good idea to keep a record of off and on times; but, it’s enough of a bother to keep remembering to shut the HVAC off in the morning and turn it back on last thing at night. Other factors might easily be a part of whatever might be wrong.  It’s not impossible to catch a cold.  Coughing and nose blowing are expected, but sneezing isn’t, and there is sneezing. There are various other things that might be involved.  One test is sort of done. 

Adjustments can be complex.  


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