Dear Folks….

Yes, dear friends, acquaintances and passers-by, no commentary was posted yesterday, December 1, 2010, for today, December 2, 2010, on either weblog.  It is definitely not due to lack of intent, interest or material (there’s bound to be something around for a few words).  Probably due partly to the holiday, the usual state of emergency intensified enough on Monday and Tuesday and was added to yesterday (Wednesday) so that by something like 8:00 p.m. yesterday yours truly couldn’t function any longer. 

Today (Thursday in the evening – since most people looking in will be picking it up Friday or later, all these days have to be listed) it has been better in that there was breathing space.  The big deal is in regard to bed bugs.  Since they are prevalent in the Cincinnati area and since things are different in the different states, there has been an attempt to gather pertinent information in one community place for any who might need it.  There is/was a local message board that had space where it could be put. 

Well, said place is going into a “subscribers only” mode, which can’t be done by folks in the apartment underfoot.  The material and other stuff had to be pulled out and put somewhere temporarily. It, of course, was just a part of the situation.  Indeed, some weeks of commentary were never properly edited – sixteen entries were checked over for needed corrections today.  If something sounded funny, well maybe at least this past week now sounds a little better. And, there’s more than that left to do. 

Persistence can pay off.    


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