Surprising For Sure

Yesterday yours truly tried to relate a case of surprising oneself in the event things came down to push comes to shove (however that comes out).  Like it or not, there are times when it is necessary to take a chance on something even if it is outright deadly. One of the repercussions of the unexpected trip yesterday was (in some more surprise) discovered today.  While it turned out all right in the end, that’s beside the point.  The thing is, when something “extra” gets thrown into the picture, things happen. 

As has been noted many times, on Friday there are copyright free pictures in the email for personal use.  They expire in a week, so a download needs to take place within a week.  Invariably there isn’t enough time to download them when they arrive.  One reason:  it can take a couple of hours to look through what is offered to figure out if there’s a possible use for what is sent, and the images from the previous week still haven’t been sorted. Other things can cause a delay, too. 

Well, it was known yesterday that it was Friday, and it was known the week’s pictures came and it was all forgotten in the calculations in regard to the bank trip.  A delivery order from a carry out pizza place was included after the return as there was even no inclination to be thinking of food. And, bright and early this morning when the email was approached, it was realized it was no longer Friday. But, for some reason last week’s pictures, which included much in the way of Christmas stuff, was still available. 

There are all kinds of gifts. 


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