Indeed, there are times when people can surprise themselves with what can be done.  There is, as has often been mentioned, a thing about going to the bank, which requires a hike down the hall, taxi and a lot of other stuff, the hike down the hall being difficult and so forth.  The hike has seemingly been more difficult in the last couple of months.  And, there was a lady who did the bank stuff last time, and who was willing to do it again for December’s business.  It was okay then and appreciated. 

November has been short, holiday filled and a piece of the world descended on yours truly for a while.  There was no opportunity to date to make arrangements with the lady. To make matters worse, the calendar was misjudged leaving today the only day left for the bank visit without really pushing things.  It boiled down to trying to make arrangements with the lady for Monday, trying to personally go or trying to figure out something else which would have been a lot more complicated. 

The first thing to do is to gather up the necessary papers, this time including a note for the teller to change the amount of the money order for the rent, it being different effective December. That went faster than expected, a call to the bank showed it was going to be open later than expected and the chance to rest more had a good result.  It was worth a try.  A small glitch when the elevator didn’t work properly didn’t really wipe out the trip.  Somehow, the chore got done okay. 

Sometimes all it takes is trying. 


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