Thanksgiving Eve

The day’s events were an assortment of turmoil.  The morning had a session of throwing together a list for the homemaker aide.  She was to get a replacement for the air bed which rapidly lost it’s air.  That, among other things, was a deal in itself as she did go to the drug store after one and they had none.  Meanwhile, feeling a bit foggy while she was gone led to an attempt at a rest on it.  A weak place gave out, and the thing was completely “dead.”  A patch job is, maybe, in place. 

Several other things are not in order more so than usual.  And, of course, the holiday itself is at hand.  At least there are a few things around to approximate an actual Thanksgiving remembrance in a few hours (after an attempt at some more proper shut eye on what is left of the.bed arrangement).  Well, the thought is present and a few details are present.  And, there’s nothing new about instability in fundamental life.  There are things to be thankful about; and, at least there can be a pause for that.






Is The Wish For All


Tomorrow is always another chance. 


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