Apartment Events

There are/were several holiday events planned for the residents of the building.  Sheets of paper with lines on them for the names of folks who wanted to attend have been posted in choice places like at the mail boxes. There was really no attempt by yours truly to get it all sorted out.  One reason was there’s a sneaking suspicion the last round of bed bugs may have been picked up at Thanksgiving dinner last year just as the bunch a couple of years ago may have been picked up at a birthday dinner. 

Regardless, the events were planned.  Today, the intent was to get the week’s mail out of the mail box and the grocery advertising out of that box.  For some reason there was a serious yen for chocolate in the evening.  There was a trip to the basement for chocolate; it was clear there was something going on in the community room.  A lady had decided shortly before to deal with the soft drink machine and she fiddled to the point where the scooter was shut off until a chance at the snack machine was possible. 

After turning around to return to the apartment, it was seen there were many people in the hall.  An inquiry brought the information that it was the Thanksgiving dinner.  Well, no, there was no desire to go to the Thanksgiving dinner.  The point is, there was a state of being completely unaware of the deal.  There is turkey for a dinner in the freezer.  A whole pumpkin pie was bought last Wednesday. There’s plenty of food. There is simply a matter of being out of the swing of things with the building. 

What’s best is not always clear.  


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