Finishing Yesterday

Well, the plan for yesterday was to re-charge the scooter, copy the free pictures to the computer, correct and if need be edit the four weblog posts that didn’t get done, and make out a practical order for the man with the food truck.  Two of the four got done.  Setting up and disconnecting the scooter isn’t time consuming, it just takes a lot of effort because the outlet is in an out of the way place.  That got done, even though it was several hours without mobility.  And, the weblog entries got finished. 

It was about mid-morning today before there was a chance to look over the food business.  A few things were picked.  The man came about when expected.  He didn’t have turkey dinners or cranberry bread.  A turkey something was finally figured out (yours truly isn’t certain what it is, but it is turkey).  He isn’t coming back for three weeks plus, and the bill ran much more than expected. There was enough cash on hand to carry the additional cost, fortunately.  And, of course, new expectations are needed. 

Pictures were a concern in more ways than one. Firstly, images due to expire – that is, some that should have arrived last week – were not to be found.  If they came, there’s no telling what happened to them. Secondly, the experimenting with including any such item in these messages was very disappointing.  Obviously at least one in the computer files can be published at any time.  That’s all that is known at this time.  There won’t be any kind of a grand display of images in the near future. 

There are times to look ahead. 


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