Modern Living Is Complex

There is so much to remember in everyday living in “modern” times that it’s easy to forget what needs to be done.  It’s not imagination, either.  Just consider the difference between creating a letter on a typewriter v. creating the same letter on a modern replacement of a typewriter, namely a computer.  While there is no longer much of a need to type well, what is needed is rather mind-boggling.  And, while typing is no longer as important, it does help to know how to type. Many other things are similarly more complex. 

Almost every day yours truly looks around and see scads of things that shouldn’t be “that way,” such as the pile of wadded up plastic bags in the middle of the floor. Good ones are a need (trash), and they have to be sorted out of the pile.  There’s a serious question about what to tackle.  Today, as often happens, the first hours of the morning were covered by rote actions more than any reasoned approach.  There was time in the afternoon to choose something to do, however, but what? 

Getting out of the apartment for that noonish fifteen minutes helps to see things clearer.  What was glaringly obvious was a need for a re-charge of the scooter.  Nothing else coagulated. Back in the lair, as it also helps focus better, there was finally a return to the bed, and four things were figured out:  the scooter, the week’s pictures that are free, the final editing review of both weblogs (two days in both cases had not had the final review), and an order for the food truck (tomorrow).  What was forgotten was lunch. 

Nature can provide reminders. 


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