Picture Testing

This is a trial publishing run of the picture below, but if someone needs a “turkey picture” to use for something in the next couple of days, it is from Dover samples.  They’re copyright free.  This one is taken from the files in the computer not an online storage place, so it’s possible it would disappear if something happened to the computer or if it accidentally got deleted from the files.  That name in small print that may be barely visible on some systems is “Tom Turkey.”   

Interestingly enough, it could be made larger or smaller, and the composition template is that previously used black and gray one.  As was thought in the beginning, it does set off something like the below very nicely.  Maybe some other time things like making it a lot bigger so that people can print it up for some reason if they like can be tried, but not at the moment.  Just getting something of the like published for the first time is the present objective.  And, once it’s up, it stays. 

Trial and error can work, too.  


Dover 691



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2 responses to “Picture Testing

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Nice picture…thought it a bit too soon to show off turkeys…then remembered its your Thankgiving end of the month….whereas here in the UK Turkeys and Christmas go hand in hand.

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