Red Bow For Christmas

As a regular event, the lady next door decorates her door.  She did once decorate much more than her door, namely, most of the hall, until the management put a stop to “extra” resident hall decorating. Now, like last Christmas, as she evidently has a good collection of decorations, she tacked bells and baubles to many, not all, of the doors on the floor – yours truly is not among the included. The why of the overlooking was never explained; but, a guess is that as it is a remote corner, few will see the decoration. 

Last year’s Christmas decoration for the door, once it was figured out that there was a need to shift for oneself, wound up as being a few cards on a string (individual taping would not do as the house rule is that there is to be only one decoration per door); and, it repeatedly fell down.  Determined that it would not be a string of cards this year, the homemaker aide was instructed to find some kind of a small, simple decoration at the supermarket.  She found a velvety red bow for two dollars. 

The supermarket didn’t have any desirable food on sale and there was no desperate need for anything.  Not sale priced where some basics that could be used.  A makeshift list was finished (and trash got packed) this morning, but the woman almost wasn’t sent to the supermarket at all.  And, the bow is really meant to decorate a large wreath.  Instead, it hangs on a dark brown door that needs a new varnish job and easily makes one ignore the need for varnish. Problem solved. 

It can be good to be ignored. 


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