Rainy Day

A thing with autumn is cold, rainy days.  They don’t usually come at the beginning of autumn this far south. Today there finally was one, a genuine cold, rainy day.  That noontime trip to the outside world, for once, did not come off as usual.  There was a trip all right, and it ended at the door – too much rain.  It wasn’t a storm.  It was just plain straight down rain, seemingly all day as the sky was overcast any time it was noticed (but there was no study over the matter).  It was just dark around. 

There are three lights in the apartment that are never turned off. A table lamp that takes a three-way bulb sits on a table where it can make the living area light enough to see reasonably well. It’s left on the first of the three-ways, as, for one thing, sometimes only one of the “ways” burns out and the bulb can still be used.  The day was dreary enough that by evening yours truly was wondering what to do to get more light in the place. Eventually it was remembered the lamp could be turned up.  

Surely more than that is off base?  Well, yes.  For some completely unknown reason the computer mouse died this evening.  The light in the mouse went out.  Some manual poking in the works maybe did something to bring it back eventually, but there’s no certainty about anything.  And, in view of the troublesome leg, an attempt to walk down the hall was tried.  There was no getting past the first apartment.  And, the list and trash packing for tomorrow didn’t get past the thinking stage. 

Maybe there’s life tomorrow.  


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