Earthly Atmosphere

There’s a stillness in the air.  Maybe it’s imagination.  But, it really does seem rather noiseless (and notice-less).  There’s not much in the way of people hurrying to and fro. But, maybe that’s at another time.  Maybe it’s because the most recent elections are over.  Most often there is a brief stillness around election day.  It’s usually very brief.  But, this time the people have chosen to have a “composite” government.  No group is “on top.”  Maybe it’s because a holiday is ahead.  But, that’s rather distant.  

It could also be due to something ordinary.  Darker days, even if it is only cloudiness, tend to put a damper on things. And, daylight is getting less and less each day.  Or, maybe, at least for the moment if not longer, the matter of supplies is less worrisome. A stillness in the air often means something is settled or decided.  Calm before a storm is more than a saying.  It means circumstances are in right order for something to happen, even though it has not yet come to be.  That is, it’s “decided.” 

Another possibility is that living things that were used to Standard Time have shifted into a slightly more comfortable routine now that the switch back has been in effect for a week.  Or, maybe there is something that doesn’t exactly line up right and people are partly waiting for an explanation.  The pumpkins are still in the lobby, but the “Happy Thanksgiving” sign has been down for maybe a week. Or, maybe it’s just because yours truly finally got on some warmer pants in better shape than what was. 

Peace is precious. 


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