Midnight Frenzy….

The day started with near hysteria shortly after midnight, followed later by a slow-thinking morning, a seemingly endlessly dragged out afternoon and evening and is ending with thoughts of a wasted day when there had been tentative special plans.  To start with, at the time that yesterday’s entries were published, it “registered” (in the head) that the date seen was wrong.  The postings after 11:00 p.m. were dated the next day as the system had not kicked over to Standard Time. 

Well into the wee hours of the morning, yours truly was going back through all the entries (both weblogs) fixing the dates.  There had been intention to turn in immediately after the blogs were posted.  It didn’t happen.  And, of course, with only an abbreviated night’s sleep, the morning thinking was anything but clear.  The morning, however, did almost immediately find a relentless antagonist had been busy on a message board.  Sorting through a reply took time and follow-up took more – much of the day. 

November 13 had long been a day of special birthday dinner of a main dish of stuffed pork chops, now not had for more than thirty years as there is no stuffing any.  The food truck carries them all made and frozen, two to a box. They do need to be thawed and baked.  Well, they were pulled out to thaw.  It just may be past the time to get out of that group even if there is valuable information posted once in a while.  Valuable information isn’t that hard to find if it’s current and sometimes even if it isn’t. 

It’s hard to admit to defeat.      


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