Things Are Okay For A Moment

It does look as if there is a reasonable amount of a basis for recent suspicions.  A proposed brief rest after lunch today turned into an exhaustive type sleep – almost two hours – and, to an extent, there was more come evening.  There was not a complicated grocery list done, nor was there a lot of work in packing up the trash.  Logical conclusion:  in regard to the developing problems in the knee and upper leg, short-changing with get-off-of-it-completely may be a cause of too much strain. 

There’s been no further evidence to back up the suspicions about some bed bugs nearby in the real world; but, it may also be that it is too soon to judge that.  That afternoon nap included a surprising and deep-seated nightmare about the creatures.  There shouldn’t be any such thing unless instinct is in play.  It’s a certainty that the things are “out there” in the community and not just in some out of sight odd places.  They have to be viewed as a part of life for good at least among the elderly. 

The homemaker aide services went well today.  There are stamps, cigarettes, some paper products and enough in foods at hand for the time being.  Neither the stamps nor the cigarettes are in usual errands.  There is a shortage of coffee, although there is probably enough for a week barring unforeseen circumstances.  All of that is helpful to a somewhat peaceful state, even if the computer isn’t in great “connectivity.”  The food truck is due by again on Friday, so a few extras can be bought if it shows up. 

Survival is a continuous job.  


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