Suspicions And More

Life and times have been overwhelming again, hence, the inability to get an entry posted yesterday.  It’s not simply the confusion of the time change, although that helped – the automatic clocks, like on the computer and the cell phone, automatically changed over; the manual ones didn’t and weren’t all changed.  Adjustments are rather imposed, and sorting things out is not finished.  It just may take a while, from the looks of things.  Added activities have been included in “doings.”   

The really big concern is the ankle and now the rest of the leg.  It may be something simple, but some additional pain (intense kind) has unexpectedly appeared in the knee area.  It’s not constant; it is sudden, like a couple of times a week and in the middle of the night while asleep. Other pains exist, too, particularly in the muscle between the hip and the knee. That’s not constant, either.  At the moment there are only suspicions of too much unwitting strain.  It makes sense in a way. 

Another suspicion high in the mind is that there may be some bed bugs across the hall.  People coming and going just accidentally in view while yours truly has been in the hall (among other things, the computer is acting up) have the earmarks of bug people.  This is something for near hysteria as there hasn’t yet been recovery from the last round of them.  And, it doesn’t help matters that there has been no trip to the supermarket for two weeks.  There won’t be a trip tomorrow, either – nothing of interest on sale. 

Going downhill is easier than uphill. 


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