Personal New World Order

It’s so easy for things to change.  A whim of someone given powers or at least authority (they are different), and people’s lives can be overturned in a wink. Then the only solution is to find someone else with greater power or authority, if the order is to be restored.  The homemaker aide service is back on Wednesday.  It is suspected a reason for the change may have existed, but evidently it wasn’t too valid.  Well, even when there is suspicion a change is due, that isn’t a certainty the world will be turned back over. 

The first element of “the new” is that “the old” was restored.  Now, a thing to do will be to responsibly re-arrange what was done as a result of the need to counteract the whim activity.  There’s also the need to make out a list and so forth.  (That’s for later.)  And, amid the matter is the question of will it be the same woman?  It makes a difference because there’s little intention of dwelling on the items on sale at the supermarket.  There isn’t much there of interest to yours truly.  The good stuff was last week.

There is also a new “friend” in the social networking account.  That was a surprise as she was contacted quite some time ago.  A note to her is needed.  A “feeler” was sent out Sunday evening in regard to a new activity.  It could have been seen this morning already; no answer, however, has yet arrived.  There is a very remote chance a very small amount of money is in it.  And, meanwhile, November is a month with only two weeks in it.  Two weeks is better than none as is the case with December…. 

One must stay alert. 


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