Finding A Good Point

Supposedly there’s an advantage to everything.  To date, if there is an advantage to not having a homemaker aide around, it is that no need to think about getting the grocery advertising exists (there is no one to go get items).  That does not go beyond thought, since it is not necessary to pick up the paper itself on Sunday (or Saturday) as copies are by the door all week. There’s also no need to make out an order.  Actually, there is no need to figure out what all might be done in the two hours. 

It could be that the whole process is extremely tiresome because a deadline hovers. Everything has to be all figured out before there’s a person on site.  There are only two hours in the deal, and if half of an hour is used for sorting things out, that’s a half hour lost.  If the figuring out were done sort of if and when, the sense of “hurry” wouldn’t be there.  Things are a little more at ease. There also has been no need to be concerned about having the trash together for carrying out. 

Well, the food truck only has general food, not things like fruit juice or milk.  Relying on that also does not get the mail picked up at the post office.  So, there’s no case of starvation, but it is not all ideal.  On the other hand, it might be asked what the ideal is.  There has to be a change in ways of living to accommodate the possibility of bed bugs wandering into the picture again. The things aren’t going to be brought under control in the lifetime of yours truly.  There is no point in even considering old ways. 

Television wasn’t always common. 


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