Beggars’ Night

It’s something like “Beggars’ Night.”  Hallowe’en beggars don’t visit senior citizen buildings to the best of the knowledge of yours truly.  In fact, the doors are locked so no such thing could get in even if a beggar or two had the idea to do so.  As it’s not an expected deal, it’s not something kept in mind.  Even when it was expected, there was often confusion over it because local governments set rules on an individual basis.  Historically, as is recalled, Beggars’ Night” was the night before All Hallows Eve. 

Beggars Night didn’t make much of a splash in the news, but it did have a schedule of times buried in at least one newspaper.  When it is/was in the town at hand is not known; some online local media coverage requires an assortment of sign procedures and that’s too much bother just to find out if kids are on the streets.  It is a time to be personally staying put in the apartment – no reason for going anywhere, as is the case (fortunately) almost always these days in view of rigmarole needed. 

Beggars’ Night would be local event.  In the world “out there,” parts of it were into the big deal of international beauty contests, with a winner for the world being a young woman from Kentucky (that is a bit nice).  In the apartment building, the big news on the fifth floor anyway seems to be emptying out one of the apartments; the lady hasn’t been seen for a while, but no obituary was found. There has been no talk, either.  In the apartment, the news is one of the new “truck” dinners was tried; it was adequate. 

There’s different kinds of news. 



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2 responses to “Beggars’ Night

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Whether its called ‘Beggars Night’ or’ Trick or Treat’…it is something that has crossed the pond to our shores….one either switches off all lights and ‘pretend’ we are not at home or invest a couple of quid in some sweets and hope enough”kiddies”/beggars call to divest us of said sweets..
    Hopefully you have a peacefull evening.

    • Hi, Ann!

      It’s sometimes called “Trick or Treat” here, too; and, the children are known to declare that at the door. “Beggars’ Night” just seems to be a little more comfortably old fashioned.

      I think that in the days ahead more and more customs are going to be both imported and exported all over the world. Lets hope people manage to sort the good from the bad and discard the bad.

      Thanks for the good wishes.


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