String And Chewing Gum

There’s an old saying about something being held together by just string (or shoestrings) and chewing gum.  The idea, of course, is it is not a reliable (or solid) state of affairs. As things go, yours truly often has the notion that life is being held together with string and chewing gum.  A good piece of string does work for a while, and a good wad of chewing gum can, too  The other description used is a man in a house with six holes in the roof and four buckets to catch the rain from the storm outside. 

It seems things are getting tied together again (that string has been replaced several times already, to the point where it’s becoming a standard chore).  The stuff from the drug store yesterday is so far okay for the needs.  Next to be seen is whether the driver from the food truck comes.  If not, there are already pizza plans.  Food can be delivered.  It’s usually a lot more expensive; but, it’s possible to get something to eat. What’s ticklish is getting stuff like toilet paper or sometimes cleaning products. 

It doesn’t help matters to have situations like the little accident with the trash yesterday, or a sticky computer, or a scooter in need of a re-charge (as is the case at this moment).  The scooter often takes four or more hours to re-charge, so it has to be done when there’s a minimum of a need for walking around.  That doesn’t have to be during the night. It just needs to be at a time when there isn’t need for a lot of walking.  Sometimes even extra forethought can help in that case.  There’s also mail that has to go out. 

Doing easy things can be complicated. 



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