A Different Day

It’s terribly nice that today was a pretty day.  It’s a reminder that a day can be nice and even that the world can be nice.  It did not go well for yours truly at all today.  To start with, there was congestion during much of the night.  Most often it is possible to get some rest without much problem.  It was one of those times when there is an awakening for a cough – not a coughing spell, just a cough – about every hour.  While there are hours abed, it’s not a restful sleep and is a poor start for a day. 

Then, there were a couple of accidents, like backing up the scooter at one point was thought to be okay, but it actually dumped over a bag of trash and ran over part of it.  Not only did the trash have to be cleaned up, the bottom of the scooter had to be cleaned, which meant turn it over.  It didn’t have to be turned all the way over, as gently easing it down on it’s side provided enough access; but, the thing is heavy and the little basket in front is full of things including small change. 

As expected, there was no homemaker aide service, and, as noted already some things were about gone. In fact, nearly every drop of alcohol that was left was used to clean up the trash accident.  Drug store service was as good as before; but it’s not the same as when they meant to carry food.  The delivery included a more expensive ethyl alcohol and a brand of water never before used.  Even toilet paper they still had was twice the price of that at the supermarket, but quality can have it’s advantages. 

Doing something different can pay off. 


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