Extra Effort Again

Ah! So….  Online is gone again, except down the hall in front of the elevators.  The bottom of the computer is very hot, but there is not a thing in sight to raise it a little to let some air under there except the scissors.  While the fact that it is hot is probably not the reason it’s got a poor connection, the scissors were slid under the front of the bottom anyway.  Hot is most likely not good otherwise.  Several scans were run to look for virus and malware.  Some of that is now removed, but it didn’t help connectivity. 

Regardless of what is interfering with things, as there is connectivity down the hall there can be messages.  It would seem to be a good idea to do something fairly early as the midnight scoot of last night was miserable.  The other blog posted all right, but in reading it in quick review two mistakes were noticed.  Then it wouldn’t return to Windows Live Writer at first, then it wouldn’t publish the correction. Today yours truly is tired and wants a nap. It was homemaker aide day.  Scrubbing the floor was an additional objective. 

As the sun set near 6:30 p.m. and it started to get dark and cold, thought had to be interrupted to 1) put out the last of the cigarette (waste is not good) 2) turn on the heating unit 3) close the window 4) pick up the bags blown off a pile all over the floor because the window was open 5) pick up the paper scraps that way missed by the sweeping 6) go to the bathroom 7) figure out something to eat that would heat while the messages were being done – all without that restful nap.  It’s not a great entry. 

It isn’t always possible to do much. 


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