Telephoning Pictures

It’s been maybe three years ago that the homemaker aide of the day mentioned not only the fact that her cell phone was useful, but the fact that one could take pictures with them and send those to one’s computer.  Having gotten wind of such things (no detail, just vague references) from places like the newspaper, yours truly was all ears.  She said she did not know how to do it, but her daughter did – a kid could do it.  Before there was a chance to explore that matter, the aide was replaced. 

Filed away in the more active mind, such elements of current life as that above, passing pictures of people taking pictures with the cell phones in the news, and other odd details arose once there was a cell phone in hand.  One reason there was a curious mystery about it was that many people who have the telephones have no ideas at all about using a computer.  There was something about it all that was not grasped, like maybe it took a special kind of mobile unit, one of those super expensive ones. 

With cell phone in hand, using it, of course, had to be explored. It was at first assumed it would only be good for calling.  The one in hand is not an expensive one.  But, the stuff listed included email.  It said email, so email was tried successfully.  And, it may not even cost (that’s not certain yet).  Well, it also said pictures and camera so perhaps….  Since the email was established, sending a picture could be tried if nothing else.  So, today, pictures taken yesterday were downloaded onto the computer. 

Getting adept takes time. 



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2 responses to “Telephoning Pictures

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    And its also useful to ensure ones new mobile phone is compatible to ones computer system..a mistake I made…bought a new phone..but it isn’t compatible to Windows sometimes new technology can be too new…

    • Hi Ann!

      I guess I wasn’t too clear when I posted the entry. I sent the pictures to my email account and downloaded them from there. I didn’t send them directly to my computer. What you are talking about is far beyond my capabilities and understanding. I’m sure it’s a good point to keep in mind, and thank you for mentioning it.


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