Going Where, Doing What

Every once in a while the pace of life slows down enough for yours truly to look around and clearly take in the time and/or place.  Life is a matter of going at a top speed which is exceedingly slow.  In reading these messages, one sees they’re much about things like getting groceries and absolutely no “great” things like trips around the world or winning the lottery under discussion.  There’s no such discussion because the top speed is exceedingly slow in regard to just getting the groceries. 

Operating on a scooter (or maybe wheelchair) only looks fast and a bit easy.  It is seriously easier than something like a walker, even a rolling version, but, of itself, it’s slow.  A person standing can make a decision to go left or right, simply pivot and then do so.  On the scooter changing directions at best means going around circular if there is enough room. Most likely it means maneuvering the thing into the new direction. Once learned, it isn’t too hard; but, a spin takes two seconds instead of two minutes. 

Today yours truly opted for a brief rest a little after six, and got up with a sudden clear understanding of being in Covington.  Youthful expectations did not include any part of Greater Cincinnati.  Every step in getting to Covington was clear, reasoned decision, but often there’s no thorough awareness of being in the town.  After seven years it’s still possible to look around in surprise at the here and now of being in Covington.  And, a moment later there’s wondering about where is life headed; and doing what? 

Plans only go so far. 



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2 responses to “Going Where, Doing What

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Around my way people in scooters tend to drive the things as is they are in a hurry..hurry for what I wonder….Even after 30 some years up here in Yorkshire , there are places and things I still haven’t seen yet..just as well ..gives one something to look forward to …Take Care.

    • Hi again, Ann!

      It could be the reason the people around you drive pell mell is because of a pent of need to be going and they were trying to get the thing in position for a good few minutes. It’s the urge to run, but you have to do it sitting down.

      It never occurred to me to think of places not yet seen as something to look forward to, and you’re right and it’s a good thought. Thank you for the thought, and thanks again for stopping by!


      Post Script: Sorry if two copies come through in reply. I decided to change a little something and deleted the first version.


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