The Real….

It seems there’s a search for “the real” out there and it’s going big time.  There have been comments for a long time about things like tables and chairs made out of “real wood” instead of plastic made in some way to look like wood.  There also are chair cushions with covers made out of “real fabric” and knives and forks made with “real silverplate” to mention a couple of more things.  There is not much point in even discussing coins of “real precious metals.”  Even foods may not be “real,” just edible. 

Although something is plastic or some other imitation thing, it can still serve the same purpose.  The “real” isn’t always the greatest of ideas.  Real wood burns, while if a chair is made of metal, less fire will result because the metal doesn’t burn.  A fabric cover will be a very bad thing in the immediate future.  Bed bugs get along well with fabric, and they are a growing problem for which there hasn’t been a real answer.  Something can even be said for the imitation food beside it being cheaper. 

The “real” that seems to be going big time is media reports.  No less than the British Broadcasting Corporation is doing “the real” of cities.  The “real” London (or New York or Istanbul) is not the city of tourist brochures, movies, gossip, bad news (or even good news) or any other “image” making something.  And, actually it seems the internet, not the television, is fostering the revolution (or maybe it’s “revealings”).  Given some equipment and the means, people most everywhere are posting what they find. 

Truth is surfacing.     


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