Temperature Adjusting

There are five buttons on the heating, ventilating, air conditioning unit (HVAC).  There is a blue button for cooling and a red button for heating and three brown buttons variously for high, low and off which may not be off, as there’s an abbreviation by the off button that probably stands for “stand by” (STBY).  However, when “stand by” is depressed, the unit is very still and the one in the apartment originally seemingly did say “off” at that button.  A round knob for adjusting the temperature is also there. 

On the whole, the HVAC unit is probably very similar to other such units.  It seems like the ones seen in motel rooms were similar but smaller.  There are probably some super ones around, and surely the engineers have streamlined the things over the years.  The one in the apartment ain’t new.  The operation of the thing is not at all complicated in theory.  Apart from the fact that no numbers grace the knob (if there ever were any, they’ve been worn off), there’s a small, annoying problem. 

An imprinted note in the corner says, “Wait 2 min. to restart.”  Now, the apartment gets cold as normal at night but extra hot during the day, because of the southwest sun and big windows, to the point of needing the air conditioning with even a fourth of the window area open to sunlight.  Around evening when it feels like it’s cold in the place, yours truly scoots over to the unit and pokes the red button and high (twice; they’re stiff) and realizes the knob is at cold.  Wait two minutes, in a state of being cold, and do what? 

Young people can move fast. 


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