Well, it seemed it was unavoidable.  There was no driving force of any sort, it was simply a matter of reason said yours truly might as well get up.  It was something like 3:00 a.m.  The bad ankle was set to start itching badly.  It only itched a little bit then, but a little bit is the first sign it would become incredible. The mind was also thinking, “It would be nice to eat something.”  There was no great hunger as such, just a little yen for food.  The cell phone had not been set to recharge.  It might have been all right, but…. 

Upon getting up and scooting over to the tables, the snot rag was taken from the scooter frame (it’s an easy place to reach and it’s easy to clean off) and put in the trash.  The space was wiped with alcohol.  Then some of the dried on bandage was picked off of the area of the ankle where it was glued to a lesion.  Medication was added. The pillow was picked up off the floor and the plastic cover wiped down with alcohol. Air was pumped into the sagging air bed. The cell phone was connected to electricity. 

Food was a question.  If the milk was still good, cereal would be all right.  The milk was still good.  The payment for the cell phone was due tomorrow.  Several calls failed to connect the number.  Rather than wait until later and call customer service, necessary since the wireless account online was locked and would not unlock in spite of repeated efforts, it didn’t hurt to try again with new password and new secret question as that supposedly never posted.  Phone bill paid.  Next, computer email jammed.  It’s 5:00 a.m. 

At times, it doesn’t pay to argue with fate. 


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