Templates & Other Stuff

A weblog consists of words and/or pictures put together with some sort of meaning intended.  But, just having words and/or pictures, doesn’t get the stuff presented.  It has to be “on” something, even if the “something” is nothing more than what looks like an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet of paper. (They also need something like a title that may give some idea of where the stuff is going and some other things. A title is a tricky thing that takes expertise that usually eludes yours truly, but that’s another topic.) 

Enter pre-made templates (the stuff in back of the words). In some systems one fashions a template out of pre-made parts given, arty background forms, some type faces (fonts), a range of colors, etc.  Usually there’s not a lot to pick through, nowhere near all the fonts that exist or the designs possible.  Chances are one part of what’s offered does not accommodate another part desired, so one must make do with what’s offered.  In this system the parts are already largely picked.  One makes do with what’s been done. 

As long time readers have seen, this all is on a new template.  The old one is still around.  In fact, it’s the form in the compose gizmo.  It’s transferred to this pinkish thing.  They both look sort of suited to peasant meanderings, but there’s a little something missing in each.  So, the pinkish thing is in a trial run to see which may be the easier to read or some such thing.  (A white background isn’t great because there’s a glare that’s hard on the eyes.)  Anyway, the new template may or may not be around for a while. 

Sometimes trial and error is the best way.            


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