It isn’t snowing yet, but the screensaver on the computer is a snow picture.  Quite by accident yours truly one day happened upon the screensaver.  The name on it is “New England Snow,” and it is an old one.  It’s a picture of a “Dutchy” style house sitting sideways (a lot of them are set the length of a lot), in a snow scene – snow on the ground, the trees, etc. – and the “moving” part is just falling snow in a varying evening time frame.  The house is decked out simply for Christmas.  The lights are house lights. 

The house on Verona Road was a Dutch style sitting sideways.  The details of the house pictured on the screensaver are considerably different.  There are steps in front while the steps on Verona Road were to the side. There is no carport and much more. But there is a vague similarity in size, shape, locations of windows, terrace etc., especially since a snowy scene covers up a lot of details. The angle of the view is a bit like what was seen when one went home.  It is not an expensive type of house. 

The “find” was by accident because there was no interest in a New England snow scene, but the image happened to flip by, which was followed by a frantic effort to find it again.  Such scenes are not in New England exclusively.  The thing has been classed as sort of a nothing, but it is an exceptionally relaxing picture installed on both computers.  In essence, the picture says things like safety in storm and gives a promise of joy.  As bad as it can be, real snow makes dirty things clean.  It’s not far off; the heating system is working. 

Quiet is good for the soul.    



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2 responses to “Snowfall

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    If we have another winter like the last one…we could reissue snow pictures of ‘OLD’ England…
    Snow is good providing its just on screen savers…

    • Hi, Ann!

      Those older snow pictures of “OLD” England are classics for sure. Where would we be without the likes of Charles Dickens? It might be an entirely different culture around.

      I’m glad you could pretty much make out what I wrote late last night. Indeed, I found a couple of small grammatical errors just now that might confuse some people just a little. (They’re fixed now!)

      Thanks again, for commenting.


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