A Spirit World That Relates?

As posted Friday (10/1/10) for Saturday, a little after 12:00 p.m. Friday it was nice out but quite windy.  A big, black bird was seen flying around apparently having a good time just riding the wind, like over the river.  And, birds are seldom seen.  (They may hang around near the riverbank.  At times “shadows” pass the windows.  They aren’t on the ground.)  Evidently the one seen lives nearby on this southbank.  When it was through flying, it appeared to head to an apartment building next door. 

The wild guess is, the bird was a crow.  But, that’s a little beside the point.  Today at 10:00 a.m. Aviation Trail, Inc. formally opened the parachute museum it has been accumulating for several years.  As a member, yours truly got notice of the event in a timely manner with the usual hope that people (especially members) would show up for the event.  The scooter doesn’t even make it up and down the hill the apartment building graces.  There’s no going anywhere short of desperate matters. 

It wasn’t as windy outside today, but that didn’t stop curiosity over whether anything would be flying around this noontime.  There was nothing in the air, just a small boat on the river, which isn’t all that unusual.  The notice of the museum’s formal opening was dutifully put on a city message board shortly after the announcement came. The event was acknowledged as much as possible.  After thinking it over, it seems rather apt a “rare” bird was seen so shortly ahead of the event, as if there for a spiritual acknowledgement. 

People should get out every so often.   


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