Results Of Three Telephone Calls

1.  Library.  Okay, it may be possible to patch the old air bed. The box had patches in it.  Supply your own glue.  What kind of glue?  Why is it not possible to quickly find different kinds of glue online?  There must be some general page.  Well, reference desk.…  “This is S____”  Oh, God, why was it necessary to get him?  He doesn’t know beans about looking up things and will mess around forever.  Forty-five minutes that one time.  Sample reply:  call a hardware store – (?).  Cost of call:  $2.50 (approximate). 

2.  Chain drug store.  The pants are getting unrepairable holes; do they have any yet?  Ask about glue, too.  So, say it’s a request for information about two things, pants and glue.  “Uh… Would you like to speak to the manager?”  Well, if customer service can’t answer, then it might be good to speak to the manager.  “Just a minute.”  A feminine voice.  So, who does yours truly have?  “I’m the manager.”  Never mind that the manager is a man named Rick. Fire engine in background.  No decent answer.  Cost:  $1.50 (approximate). 

3.  Wireless service.  Screen shows strange thing when account is sought for balance.  It says browser error, unsupported file type, etc.  Clock works.  Email connects.  Phone connects to customer service and problem explained.   Security code in.  “What’s your name?”  Problem explained again, amid connection breaking up.  “Do you have another telephone?”  No.  There has to be another telephone to check the telephone.  Just explain what all the stuff is? Repeat:  “Do you have another telephone?”  Cost:  $0.00. 

All will be well eventually.  . 



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2 responses to “Results Of Three Telephone Calls

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    You sure lead an interesting life…or do these just happen to you…take care…love the blogs…Ann…

    • Hi, Ann!

      I’m a bit slow in answering today.

      These things “just happen” to me. It’s possible they happen to others, too, but for me I think it’s something about my timing.

      Thanks for the compliment and for commenting.


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