Best Laid Plans…!

It’s Saturday night in Covington, with yours truly well aware that it’s Sunday morning for most of the world – admittedly very early in the morning in many places, but Sunday nonetheless.  The web hosting site was out of commission at posting time last night.  After 12:00 a.m. (midnight), it was back in operation; but the whole entry was about the state of things Friday.  Among other things, the heating and air conditioning unit would not start and both the scooter and the telephone were low on power. 

While no time is particularly “good” – between things like a need to be on the lookout for nearly invisible blood-sucking bugs, an ankle and a hand under special observation and so forth, it can’t be said presently that any time is “good” – the business week has ended on a note of peaceful sigh of relief.  The new air bed to take the place of the one ready for another world is still on the floor, since options included a try to go to the bank for rent payment money orders and allied activity instead dealing with air bed yesterday. 

The sleeping accommodations are marginally usable as long as air is pumped into the thing every couple of hours, meanwhile the only likely day for a bank visit next week would have been Monday.  No certainty exists there won’t be a mad dash on Tuesday for grocery list.  The thought of getting that busy on Monday concluded it won’t happen.  It usually only takes about forty-five minutes to go to the bank, including a short wait for a taxi, but the hike down the hall on foot was terribly tiring this time. 

Planned obsolescence is an old idea.       


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