Weekly Chores

Errands and cleaning day in a place in Covington draws to a close again.  The carpet sweeper was run over the rug (yours truly heard it), but some eventual glancing around saw enough scattered here and there that was not picked up that a stranger would assume no sweeping was done.  Admittedly, the sweeper doesn’t pick up too well for some reason.  And, the helper claimed a state of being not too well today.  The resident of the place isn’t up to doing a better job even at less trying times. 

There’s food and toilet paper in the place and the mail was picked up at the post office.  Those are the standard most critical things.  In addition, the homemaker aide did do all right at a third stop at the chain drug store so that, along with a couple of less important items, a replacement for the sagging air bed is at hand in a box on the floor.  It may come out of the box tomorrow or Friday; but, not tonight, as errands and cleaning day are strenuous even if there is no going anywhere. 

Some of the paper scraps on the floor were picked up by hand.  It is annoying to see such all over.  A shred or two might be ignored.  It seems that there’s a lack of understanding over the fact that just moving the equipment is not the objective.  And, that is a common misconception.  In fact, it’s a misconception with the use of a lot of equipment.  Just hitting a keyboard isn’t typing something even if it is done in some sort of orderly fashion.  Pushing a gas pedal is not driving a car.  Tomorrow is awaited. 

A night’s sleep is always helpful. 


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