One Minute

An air bed has to be inflated.  And, if by any chance anyone who is “out there somewhere” has no ideas about air beds, well, they are a thing like a balloon only shaped to be flat like a bed mattress or boxed springs.  In fact, sometimes they are called “air mattresses”; and, since they are meant to be something sort of soft on which to sleep, they are made out of a relatively durable, foldable, air-tight material that can withstand a few hundred pounds of pressure. So, they’re not as durable (yet) as something solid. 

In view of the bed bug plague, yours truly does not expect to again own a standard bed.  The insects can get a good hold on places as their bites, when there are enough of them, can be mistaken for a few other things, like skin rashes.  Once they have really gotten into a place, it may be necessary to be throwing out the likes of entire beds, as there is no effective (legal) insecticide that works on those bugs in the United States.  Hence, an air bed is used.  They don’t last long, but they’re cheaper in the long run. 

One problem is that the tiniest of holes lets air escape.  If patching is held down somehow, briefly they are still usable.  One presently being used loses much of the air in a couple of hours.  So, it has to be inflated, sometimes several times, depending on how long the use.  There are free standing electric air pumps that will blow up a one level air bed in about sixty seconds. Holding one, waiting, an eye was on the second hand of the clock.  A thought that formed was, what if the hand was in a fire that brief period of time…. 

Reality comes in strange ways. 



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2 responses to “One Minute

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    We have on occasion used an air bed for accommodating overnight guests..or more recently one of us sleeping in the kitchen/diner whilst keeping an eye on a cat that has had a recent op and was dripping bloody fluids everywhere..handy objects air beds…however wouldn’t want to sleep on one for ever…but agree in your case likely to be cheaper than buying new beds and mattresses..Hope the bug problem is soon erradicated….
    ps here in the UK..bed bugs seem to happen if one goes either one doesn’t or if we do..everything and I mean everything gets washed in as high a temp as possible…so far we’ve been lucky.

    • Hello, Ann!

      Regarding the bed, well, I’m getting used to it. In fact, it is rather comfortable. It’s just too bad they “expire” so quickly. Regarding the bugs, they are widespread and no one really knows what to do about them. At the rate things are going, those bugs are going to be around for a long, long time.


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