Back To The Hallway

The new little cell phone is of special interest not just because the apartment building lobby telephone was vandalized and it makes telephone calls possible; but, also because the computer internet connection is uncertain and amid more mundane features there is internet connection to at least email.  As yours truly now also has a very foggy idea of how to keep it operational, some time was taken to put in a couple of calls today, mostly because there was intent to try some more with the email.  

The logic was sound enough.  The calls might come up with some useful information.  There really wasn’t much expectation of it, but it was possible.  They did not have to be made today.  They could not be done on any Sunday, at least in one instance, as the place is closed on Sunday.  They weren’t done yesterday (although it was a hope). They’d not likely be done early in the week, and one was a basis for a homemaker aide stop.  It would take a dollar.  If email experimenting cost, the dollar went for more. 

Well, the day began with a horrible night.  It was necessary to get up completely three times.  And, once up, there’s a certain amount of being wide awake.  Assorted dormant aches and pains became known.  The two together may have created some pre-occupation. Regardless, by late morning it seemed the computer was sticking at different places.  In the late afternoon, when the calls as well as the day’s stuff were done, the “test” could be tried.  The computer died completely.  It was find a way or scoot to the hall. 

Tomorrow’s another day. 


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