Stuff To Do

The air bed is about gone again, and unless (or maybe until) more surfaces about the bed bug plague, nothing else will do for yours truly.  Any standard furniture is far more expensive over all.  Given a load of bugs (they usually aren’t discovered until they are a load) and a need to dump the furniture, it’s a lot better to dump things that are less expensive, particularly if they are less susceptible to an infestation.  Nothing much is going to surface about the bugs for a couple of reasons at any time soon. 

It isn’t the whole air bed that is gone.  This last time two “one layer” ones were bought, and one was put on top of the other to make it more of a standard bed height.  The two together worked just fine; and, only the top one is shot at this point.  There was a wild hunch that might happen.  Exactly why is not known.  Nothing particularly sharp is worn to bed except the hair clip, which is on the head on the pillow-like affair being used. The wrist watch has metal parts, but they aren’t driven into the thing. 

At any rate, as of today, the air bed matter needs attention.  The pants need attention to the point where they need replacement as the material is thread-bare.  The refrigerator needs attention as well as there’s some old stuff in it that should be pitched.  It’s not anything moldy spoiled, it’s just old stuff, some so old it’s not even certain what’s in some of the packages in the freezer.  Attention is also needed with the checkbook.  There’s a deposit in the pile not recorded in the cash on hand. 

Something always needs attention.   


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