New Tricks

There are many old, familiar sayings like, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  By extension, everyday happenings can shove us to newer things and newer ways of doing things.  As has been noted down in recent entries, yours truly is into the world of cell phones.  That’s because someone cut the telephone cord on the telephone that was available for anyone to use in the lobby of the apartment building.  A resident donated an extra telephone she had, which is an uncertain thing based on the past. 

Fiddling with the buttons on the cell phone came to a place under messaging which said “email.”  Now, exactly what all is included in the service being paid for is quite uncertain.  There hasn’t been an inkling of whether the email feature could be used.  However, since it was there, it was a possibility – if it could be fathomed.  Even the calling has not been really fathomed.  Connections, per se, cost a dollar for a day.  There can be several calls for that dollar per day connection.  There’s also a charge for minutes used. 

Today, when the homemaker aide was a half hour late, a call had to be made to the office if there was no wish to just sit and wait longer, and there wasn’t.  Since there was nowhere else needing a call, after the woman left it only made sense to go ahead with a try of the email.  There is definitely no understanding of how to do it, but a message did get written (with no spaces between the words) and sent.  Well, a period between the words does separate them, and they were understood. 

There are sayings about old dogs.   



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2 responses to “New Tricks

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Its nice to know some old dogs can learn New Tricks..and that you are willing to take on board new technology..I have ‘friends’ of my age that flatly refuse to even consider let alone try anything new…ps you’ve done better than me I haven’t as yet used the e mail function on my phone.too costly..besides having a laptop serves that purpose…but I’ve texted status statements to FaceBook…
    Take Care

    • Hi, Ann!

      As near as I can tell, the email was near to free or actually so. I have yet to find texting, but I haven’t looked for it. I’m guessing it’s close to the same thing.

      Thanks for stopping by again.


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