A Forgotten Event

According to the local nuisance paper newspaper, two years ago, give or take a day or two, a severe windstorm hit the Ohio valley and beyond to the north to the point where Ohio asked for disaster relief and the governor was roaming around in Dayton looking over how things were. It was some last gasping of a Gulf coast hurricane that had made it’s way up the Mississippi valley.  It wasn’t called a hurricane (nor was it a tornado); it was a very severe windstorm.  It was a bit extra-ordinary. 

Today the newspaper put up nearly five hundred related pictures of downed trees, out of state electricians working on wires (from Indianapolis and, surprisingly, Michigan and New York) around in the area and people trying to get reorganized. There were pictures of food being dumped by the loads because of spoilage due to no electricity, and people seeking emergency food.  And, yours truly couldn’t remember anything about it.  So, why was there no recall?  What was the situation then? 

Two years ago the location was the old apartment house.  A frenzy over bed bugs and getting out of the place existed.  The news was still being checked, but evidently there wasn’t enough time with the story for it to make an impact.  After looking at the pictures for an hour this evening, it was finally recalled that someone posted a few pictures of damage in Louisville seemingly from that storm and a tree limb was in the street just beyond the apartment windows.  At least it was eventually recalled. 

It can take a lot to make an impression.  


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