Horrible Thought – Pills Forever

“Good Evening!  Please take your evening pills for the thirteenth.”  The voice was/is a pleasant but firm, business-like woman’s voice on a recording in a clock.  In the morning it is, “Good Morning!” and “morning pills.”  In the afternoon it’s, “Good Afternoon!”  There is a fourth setting for night.  The date is the current date.  The wording is repeated and repeated until a button is pushed. Then the words are, “Alarm acknowledged.  The current time is… (whatever time is on the clock).”  There are no pills.   

Counting the computer, cell phone and wrist watch, there are five clocks in one room.  The wrist watch died, so presently four work; and, two really are needed since none can be read from much of a distance.  The alarm systems were never used, but yours truly was seriously losing track of the time during the day.  Possible solution:  set the alarms in the medical clock that was found in the building.  Since there are no pills, four reasons were devised.  At least there is an alerting to the current time. 

It’s not necessary to use the voice system.  It was set up because there may very well be a time when pills are needed.  One might as well get used to the idea if the equipment is at hand, although one might also harbor a hope that it never turns into a permanent thing.  One aunt had to take pills forever after.  She lived around a good twenty years after.  She hated the bother and keeping it all straight.  The notion of life being dependent on pills is distasteful, but worth it if worthwhile things are done. 

Reasons for living vary. 


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