Cell Phone

The big deal today was the thing some people call a “mobile.”  It may be it is a replacement for a telephone, but “mobile” just may be the better word for it.  It’s unfamiliar territory for yours truly as there was no jumping on the bandwagon when pagers became the rage.  Telephone capabilities may be an essential part of the thing, but it is certainly much more than a means of voice communication. While messing with it today, the thing found was an alarm that goes with the clock included. 

Evidently the thing’s an alarm clock if it can be programmed to go off at a certain time, which can be done.  Computers can be set up with an alarm system, assuming someone doesn’t want to shut off a computer overnight, but the telephone?  The picture-taking angle was known (not how to do it, just that it can be done).  Likewise the texting email was known to exist (again, not how to do it, just that it could be done).  But, email is written telephoning, so that’s not at all surprising.  The alarm clock is. 

The mobile phone was a gift.  It came with pre-paid time on it.  It is about up and it’s time to renew it.  But, how to renew it, beyond paying out some money, was unknown.  Two days were spent in a try to do this so far.  One day was set aside for inquiries, like to a place to buy stuff and the library.  Today, looking at the prospect of a $25 taxi fare, there was racing around in the building hoping to find someone to go get a “phone card.”  There was no desire to use the energy out of the scooter, but it was sacrificed. 

Engineers make wonderful things.     



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2 responses to “Cell Phone

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    I recently decided to purchase a new ‘mobile’ or cell phone as its known in the states…like you not too enamoured with all this new technology…just wanted a phone that would be a phone…nowadays such items do just about everything else apart from put the kettle on..yet..As for these i phones..horrendous price for a ‘gadget’..my kith and kin have them and use them for just about everything except to make a call !!….finally got a fairly modern mobile, with a touch screen…bright colours etc etc..but at least its a phone.
    Happy Days.

    • Hi, again Ann!

      And, thanks again for commenting.

      My “mobile” is just a humble thing, one of those “just the basics” models. Even so, it has so many more aspects than what there was in the world of “used to be.” I’m not sure it pays to get too fancy as things change so quickly and so radically.

      I hope yours gives you much valuable use.


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