Labor Day

Another day ends and that’s all that can be said for it.  As soon as yours truly starts on something and then moves, a cough or a nose run is liable to develop.  There’s no way to judge it.  It’s possible to – say – sit at the computer for a half hour and nothing happens.  Then, as soon as there is a physical movement – a run out into the kitchen for a cup of coffee or whatever – there is a cough or need to blow the nose and right then. The nose drip is most annoying as if it isn’t caught it drips on the clothes. 

With the need to clean up after whatever demanded the immediate attention, all train of thought is lost.  A bunch of time is lost, too.  It might take two or three minutes to get squared away again.  There is always the sudden need at such times to just sit to breath a few times.  Ten breaths takes about thirty seconds.  Morning is usually worse than evening.  But. come evening the foot is liable to start to hurt and that seat business, pillow notwithstanding, is bothersome to an exceptional extent.

Especially since there was only six hours sleep in the night, change of sorts was instituted with a determined intent.  There would be a rest period in the late morning, the afternoon and the evening. The morning was a dead sleep for two hours.  It made up for the night to a greater degree than expected.  Afternoon was about right, but evening failed miserably.  So much for the experiment.  There was no additional energy to get at least the money sorted out from last week.  At least the grocery advertising was picked up already.

Bed bugs have changed the world.  


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