Bad Day

Weather-wise the day was nice – not too hot, with sun, clear skies, nice breeze, a good touch of autumn in decent air, summer colors all around. From a practical view, things are in better shape than normal.  With the rent paid just a couple of days ago, there are a couple weeks ahead when there’s no need to worry about getting to the bank for money orders and the like.  The post office box rent is due, too. A concern for sure, but the same month is ahead for that.  Even the trash bag didn’t overflow yet. 

There was hope of catching a home delivery food service yesterday and that didn’t happen.  Even though that was disappointing, there is plenty of food around.  Indeed, lunch was lasagna and it took a lot less cooking than normal as it was a pan of leftovers.  Sleep was a good seven hours straight through, which is unusual as it’s nearly always disturbed, and the awakening was at a decent hour.  There is enough energy in the scooter for a couple of days.  Some online chats went well. 

On the surface of things, it would seem to be an okay day.  It was not.  Case in point:  breakfast started out as three frozen waffles.  For some reason the waffles of the brand at hand stick together if stacked to microwave them, and that’s the best way to microwave them.  Today they did as usual, but so badly they nearly shredded when pulled apart and a big hunk fell on the floor.  The bad leg is extra bothersome.  The pillow fell where they put insecticide. Some things normally done didn’t get done.  Etc. 

People can only stand so much.    


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